Old World Style Pasteles

Old World Style Pasteles:
The Jibaro recipe your grandmother once made you with love in her kitchen. The original Old World Style, when carne was a luxury our hard working parents could not always afford. Yucca crops were washed away by hurricanes and all that were left were bananas. To stretch what little meat they could scrounge, the olives and raisins were added, to offer a sweet and sour flavor to the pastele that once left the shores of the Carribean and found its way into Nu-Yorican hearts. We make ours like mami did, the right mix of herbs, spices, sofrito, sazonado rico - ja tu sabe! Making this traditional dish a soon to be tradition in your home. You can get twelve (12) handmade pasteles filled with pork/cerdo/ham, olives, capers, raisins and chick peas. We deliver frozen and ready to cook in a pot of boiling water with a little salt.

Sold by Dozen (ONLY) ... $25.00 per Dozen