The Holidays Are Upon Us!

We at House of Pasteles know that true Puerto Ricans won't eat just any pastele.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of authentic homemade pasteles. Marketing to the entire New York tri-state region. We combine only the best in hand picked ingredients, homemade sofrito, well seasoned carne and fresh Yucca, or Geneo, to serve up our traditional "pasteles". All of our ingredients are prepared by hand – no shortcuts! No food plant or store processing here like the imitators!

There are many ways to make traditional “pasteles” every Puerto Rican/Spanish household grew up on. You know the scent and taste of an authentic home made pastele cooked the way your childhood taste buds remember. Wrapped in banana leaves, layed to rest in authentic pasteles wrapping paper...(mmm, mouth waters at the thought.)

We offer 5 different varieties of pasteles: Old World Style, Masa/Pork, Masa/Chicken, Yucca/Pork, and Yucca/Chicken to cover all the popular ways “la viejas lo hace cada ano”.

Unlike most places you have ever received "pasteles" from, we label each individual pastele. Each individual pastele tells you the type of base and meat you have wrapped inside before boiling. From our kitchen to yours our authentic homemade pastele is ready to cook in a pot of boiling water with a little salt.

Everyone's home is a little different which is why we have taken the most common and flavorful recipes close to abuelita's heart and made them available to you.

Here's How to Order!

Old World Style Pasteles
$25.oo per Dozen....

Pastele de Masa y Cerdo (Pork)
$15.00 per Dozen...

Pastele de Masa y Pollo (Chicken)
$15.00 per Dozen...

Pastele de Yucca y Cerdo (Pork)
$20.00 per Dozen...

Pastele de Yucca y Pollo (Chicken)
$20.00 per Dozen...

Vegeterian Pasteles
$18.00 per Dozen...

(Email us for availability - Only good while supplies last!)

Don’t let this holiday season pass without placing your order today!

Order via email, we will contact you to arrange pick-up/delivery. We conveniently accept payment via paypal. Please note - we will never take credit card information over the phone or solicit emails requesting credit card information. For your protection all transactions are done by paypal.

We deliver anywhere in the 5 boros for orders of $100 or more. For pick-up we are conveniently located in Brooklyn and Queens. When we confirm your order we can confirm pick-up/delivery date and time. While we strive to complete orders within 48 hours, due to high demand there may be a 3-7 day lead time on orders. Rest assure we will always expedite our fresh and delicious pasteles to meet your demand.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

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